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Visit AEC at Booth #W2542 at NPE2018 May 7 - 11, 2018

Visit AEC at Booth #W2542 at NPE2018 May 7 - 11, 2018

AEC will be introducing new products never before exhibited ranging from blending equipment, dryers, conveying controls, to new efficient chilling technologies and beside-the-press granulators.

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AEC Introduces VacTrac® Plus Series of Conveying Controllers

February 23, 2018 New Berlin, WI – Vacuum conveying has never been as simple or versatile than with AEC’s VacTrac® Plus Series of Controllers. AEC has succeeded in creating the most flexible and reliable discrete wired conveying controller on the market. The VacTrac® Plus provides ultra-flexible configurations with a seamless upgrade path. The number of pumps and receiver stations is customizable to fit processors’ changing needs. If a plant expands, adding on more lines or reconfigures their operation, they can use the VacTrac® Plus controller without having to purchase a completely new system.

The VacTrac® Plus controls vacuum receivers, vacuum pumps, remote proportioning valves, purge valves, knife gates, and pump or hopper blowback. It can be used in any plastic conveying application including injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, roto-molding, thermoforming, and blown film operations.

The number of pumps and receiver stations is customizable to fit changing needs. Units can be seamlessly upgraded by adding the required I/O modules and new software. The VacTrac® Plus features an advanced design with a wide range of configurable functions including: Blowback, RPV Valves, Knife Gates, Local Alarms, Purge Valves, and Low Level Alarms.

AEC Introduces T50 Series Granulators

New Berlin, WI – Exceptional Regrind Quality. Ease of Maintenance & Safety. Application Flexibility.  Together those phrases comprise the backbone of AEC’s newly released series of central granulators. The T50 Series Granulators offer strong, versatile, and reliable performance. With a full range of size and design options to choose from, the T50 Series Granulator are the best choice for applications ranging from large injection or blow molded scrap, furniture components and appliance parts. The tangential design offers the capacity to process many types of scrap with improved ingestion at a lower power requirement, while the offset design allows for higher throughput of lower density parts. Energy efficiency paired with heavy-duty design and ease-of-maintenance results in a granulation system with a low total cost of ownership. Click here for more information.

ACS Group Opens Technology Center in New Berlin, WI


In celebration of new Technology Center in New Berlin, Wisconsin

ACS Group invests in state-of-the-art technology center for the plastics industry at 3015 South 163rd Street, in New Berlin, Wisconsin, located just down the road from our primary manufacturing operations location. Our goal is to provide a customer showcase for our products, a research and development facility for accelerating the release of new products, and a training area for our business to ensure a strong future for talented workers. 


Plastics News Magazine Features ACS Group's Technology Center

Plastics News Magaizine features Grand Opening of ACS Group Technology Center.

Written by Don Loepp, view the detailed article from December 2, 2016 here:

AEC Provides 35°F Portable Wash Water for Vegetables

AEC installed a system to produce wash water at temperatures close to freezing to wash and cool vegetable mix for an Asian egg roll company which included a GPAC-40 chiller with stainless steel plate and frame Heat Exchanger.

AEC Introduces New Feedrolls for the Thermoforming Industry

NEW BERLIN, WI – AEC is proud to offer new equipment for the global thermoformed plastics market with the launch of three Feedrolls: The Crusher, Versatile and Edge Trim. These models process a wide range of materials & sizes from crushing large cups and containers, to running thin sheet and web. These expertly designed infeed systems ensure smooth processing of materials from startup through full-speed operation. The new design helps eliminate jamming or misfeeds when processing bulky scrap during startup. Focused on application flexibility, easy setup & maintenance, and an enhanced, durable design, the AEC feedrolls result in improved uptime.

AEC Launches High Efficiency Central Chiller

December 8, 2017 New Berlin, WI – The AEC High Efficiency Central Chiller integrates advanced technologies with proven component design to offer a capable and innovative process cooling solution. This unrivaled central chiller benefits users with remarkable energy efficiency, modular flexibility, and the virtual elimination of downtime. The High Efficiency Central Chiller can save users up to 60% in average energy savings per year thanks to the most efficient fan technology in the industry. Through Ethernet driven communications, these chillers expand up to 10 modules with individual units ranging from 20 - 60 tons of chilling capacity. Inherent redundancy allows for the process cooling to continue, leading to virtually zero downtime and less service time.

ACS Group Technology Center Grand Opening Video

ACS Group was featured in a video by Tony Deligio, Senior Editor from Plastics Technology Magazine in the following re-cap of the Grand Opening of our Technology Center.

ACS Group Featured in Plastics Technology

View the detailed article from the January 2017 issue here:

AEC Introduces New Trident™ Chiller for Process Cooling

AEC is excited to announce the latest addition to their popular chiller series products, the Trident™ GS Series Central Chiller. The new standard in reliability and ease-of-use integrates advanced technologies with proven component design to offer a capable and innovative process chilling solution.

AEC Introduces New BD Series Blenders

NEW BERLIN, WI – With new intuitive controls, and an innovative highly efficient paddle design, the new BD Series Batch weigh blender by AEC is the most capable gravimetric batch blending solution in the industry today.

The BD Series Blenders come in a wide range of sizes and offer blending options to suit any processors needs. These new blenders combine improved mixing performance and accuracy with enhanced quality and reliability. The controls are easy to use and deliver precision results, making the new series of BD Blenders the most versatile and operator-friendly option on the market.


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