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AccuMeter™ Ovation Series

Loss-In-Weight Blender

The AccuMeter™ Ovation is a gravimetric loss in weight blender designed for continuous extrusion applications. The AccuMeter™ Ovation offers the most continuous homogeneous blend available versus common batch-type blenders or mixers. Available from 2 to 6 components and up to 500 pounds per hour, the AccuMeter™Ovation is perfect for many extrusion applications. Hoppers are mounted on precision load cells, eliminating the weight and vibration of the metering auger and motor assemblies.

The AccuMeter™ Ovation’s lower mass flow weigh hopper learns the exact extruder weight and continuously sends the information to the control system. The upper material feed rates are automatically adjusted to match the learned extruder rate to maintain a consistent ingredient ratio.

Selected Features


Technical Specifications

  • Automatically adjusts individual feeders to match the extruder rate at the exact ratio required
  • Upper material refill hoppers with refill valves
  • Individual ingredient weigh hoppers, with clear side walls
  • Lower mass flow weigh hopper assembly, with clear side walls
  • Allen-Bradley Micro850 PLC with high resolution 7” color touchscreen
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) system with inverter duty AC motors; provides precision auger metering with greater recipe ranges and better accuracy
  • Cascade mixing section
  • Machine-mount cast aluminum throat mounting flange with drain tube
  • Precision .02% span accurate cantilever load cells deliver the most accurate weighing system
  • Recipe storage book for easy retrieval (up to 100 recipes)
  • Full diagnostics
  • Complete inventory and material usage information
  • Alarm outputs
  • 115/1/60 supply voltage
  • Hopper lids specified for AEC SRC Series receivers and loaders. (Cutout for non-AEC loaders at no charge if drawings are provided.)
  • Mezzanine mounting stand with 4” tube stub
  • Low level solid state proximity sensor for each supply hopper including low level alarm panel with horn and silence button
  • Spun regrind hopper with 3.5” dia. discharge, suitable for most free-flowing regrind materials
  • Agitated regrind supply hopper and weigh hopper for regrind material
  • Ethernet switch for remote communications
  • Remote control panel
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